Andro400 Review: Does This Testosterone Booster Really Worth It?

In this Andro400 review, you will read about all the basic information related to this supplement. At the same time, you would be able to know how exactly Andrp400 tries to work.

At the same time, I have also added a little part about my own experience when I consumed Andro400. Also, the latter part of this Andro400 review will also reveal my consumption results.

Hence, if you are some who is looking for information on Andro 400 or is looking to boost testosterone levels, this could be the place where you would be able to find the required information.

What Is andro400?

andro400 review latest updateAndro400 is aimed to boost your testosterone levels that could mean a better libido and accelerated sex drive.

Andro400 as claimed by its makers could also be of assistance to energy and weight loss issues for the product could add to metabolism as well.

The product claims to be safe and natural which could be a plus point without any doubt as you could be receiving every claimed benefit without any possibility of side effects.

The above scenario could add up to the positives of Andro400 several folds.

Why Did I Choose Andro400?

It is a known fact that the testosterone levels in the human body go down when age adds up this could be the primary reason for several issues that trouble middle-aged men.

There is a common scenario where people adjust to living with these issues calling it a consequence of aging and do nothing about it.

This is a myth and it is a proven fact that if you could increase the level of testosterone in your body it is very much possible that you might gain back the so-called lost youth.

As a result, I wanted to try out this testosterone booster and find out if it really could boost my testosterone levels. I lost all the desires for sexual appetite.

But wanted to satisfy my wife as I cannot keep her wanting of something that I could not provide. As a result, I decided that it high time that I take help from someone and improve upon my weaknesses.

Benefits Claimed By The Makers Of Andro400

  • Andro400 could melt the fat in your belly

    It could block an enzyme that is essential for the uptake of fat by the fat cells in your body and this could mean the fat storage of our body is practically subdued.

  • Maintaining the level of testosterone in your body

    The product might boost the testosterone level of your body by several folds even for people who have crossed the age of 70s and could in a manner restore your youth-like testosterone level.

  • Boosting the sex drive and enhancing performance

    It is a known fact that if your testosterone level could be regained to its youthful standards there is a possibility one could experience a sex drive like our 20s and 30s and this might mean better performance and more sexual satisfaction.

    This 1992 paper also confirms the same theory that testosterone is one of the necessities for better sex.

  • Might Keep you away from the issues that may arise due to low testosterone levels

    Testosterone, as we know, is referred to as the hormone of the youth and thus it might be possible that reduced testosterone level could cause several harmful effects on mental and physical health.

    You may also refer to this article published by a governmental organization that talks in-depth about testosterone.

  • It could be a safe, natural, and effective solution

    The makers claim that the ingredients used here are backed by scientific studies which support the natural and herbal nature of the product and this creates a possibility for result without side effect.

Ingredients in Andro400

I am are very much aware of how the market is loaded with such supplements. Thus it gets important to understand if a certain supplement is effective or not for each of the products in the market is making hefty claims.

Thus if we know about the ingredients there is a possibility that we understand how and if the product really holds any credibility. Also, the content might warn you against any chance of side effects or allergy beforehand itself.

Here we take a look at the ingredients of Andro400.

This according to the manufacturers is the main ingredient of Andro400 and most of the claims they make are backed by this ingredient itself. Although no human study has been performed for this ingredient and thus there is no evidence to completely support the claims made for this ingredient.

These are amino acids which are known to be building block of protein and are also known to release nitric oxide which could aid the widening of blood vessel. This vasodilation causes more blood to flow and thus more nutrients might be delivered to body parts.   

How Andro400 May Work?

The primary ingredient Eurycoma Longifolia might be a catalyst to testosterone levels and could boost them to give amazing anti-aging results although this claim is backed by nothing but an idea and thus this result is doubtful.

There is a chance that the dilation of blood vessels takes place due to the presence of amino acids and this could mean more nutrients transferred to muscles and you might feel more energetic.

Also, dilation action could come as handy for your libido as well and might enhance your sexual performance when combined with Eurycoma although this is a possibility only when claims about Eurycoma Longifolia may be effective.

My Personal Experience with Andro400

I was one among many who accept the issues caused due to lack of testosterone as the ultimate reality of aging. Yet sometimes it felt it might be good if I could experience the youthful passion for life at any possible level.

I had lost all my will for sexual intercourse and it never really ended up being pleasurable, also I felt tired and lacked any energy for physical or mental work. When I consulted a doctor cousin of mine, he advised me to use any good supplement to boost my testosterone level.

I did my piece of research and ordered Andro400. I was really impressed by several testimonials on the website but the results I got from this product were nothing like them, to be honest.

The experience I had with the product was nothing but a waste. I spent 2 months on Andro400. Took all my dosage exactly as per the requirements mentioned on official sources but there were no benefits.

I lost no weight, felt no increase in my libido and thus the possibility of sexual satisfaction automatically gets negated.

I might have felt a little boost in my energy levels when I exercised but this too was just for a week or so for as I got regular with the product there was nothing of the sort. In all possibility, it was just a placebo.

This was when I decided to get rid of Andro400 and I am very much sure I won’t be using this product even if somebody pays me to use it.

Alternative for Andro400

I had lost two months without any benefits; thankfully there was no negative effect except the money and time I lost. I really needed an alternative at this point for I had gotten very much serious about my testosterone levels by now.

This is when I ordered TestoGen on the advice of a friend who has used it and seen positive results. I got the bottles within some time and immediately started with them.

This was when I realized how well a product could do for you. This was everything I wanted and more. My body felt energetic like never before and my sexual performance got back the youthful charm.

Personally speaking, TestoGen has been the best testosterone boosters for me.

I am satisfied and happy with TestoGen like never before and I am sure of continuing with it for as long as need be.

Final Thoughts on Andro400

The experience I had with Andro400 should best be left unsaid for it was nothing more than a waste. I could have easily spent that time and money on something else. I am not sure if it had fulfilled even one of the several claims it had made.

The only positive about it was that it brought nothing negative on my side. I would not advise in favor of it to anyone at any time.

My current experience with TestoGen has made me understand what could be expected from a dietary supplement and I thus could say Andro400 was a failed experiment.

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