Top 10 Effects Of Testosterone Hormone In Men

Have you wondered what are the effects of testosterone hormone is men ? For the maintenance and development of male attributes the testosterone plays a vital role. Thus, it is called as a vital male hormone. As compared to men, women have this hormone in a smaller quantity.

In this article, we will see the effects of testosterone on the male body.

What is Testosterone?

First of all, testosterone is an essential hormone in the male body. After seven weeks of conception, the male body begins to produce this hormone. During puberty, the testosterone levels go up and it will be at peak during late teens. And after the age goes 30 or more these levels go off. So it is common when man’s age gets older that testosterone levels will decrease year by year.

effects of testosterone hormone

Nonetheless, there are men who have more than enough testosterone. But at the same time, it is possible that most of the body produces testosterone in too little amount. Because of this, a man has to face a condition which is called hypogonadism. With the help of hormonal therapy, this condition can be treated, it needs careful monitoring and doctor’s prescription. And men who have normal levels of testosterone don’t need this therapy.

In some ways, the testosterone levels affect almost everything of men’s bodies, from the sexuality and reproductive system to bone density and muscle mass. In fact, in certain behaviour, it plays a vital role.

  1. Central Nervous System

    For controlling testosterone hormone our body has a system, our body sends messages by chemicals and hormones which releases in the bloodstream. The hypothalamus which is found in the brain tells how much testosterone is needed to the pituitary gland. And after this, the pituitary sends this information to your testicles.

    Testosterone also plays an essential role in specific behaviour which includes dominance and aggression. It also boosts self-esteem and helps to spark your competitiveness. Testosterone levels get affected by just as sexual activity, the rise or fall in men’s testosterone can be a result of competitive activities.

    Lower levels of testosterone will result in confidence loss and motivation lacking. The feeling of sadness or lower man’s ability of concentration. In fact, low testosterone will result as lack of energy and sleep disturbances

    Central Nervous System

  2. Endocrine System

    In our body, there is an endocrine system that manufactures hormones by glands. In our brain, there is a hypothalamus which informs the pituitary gland about how much our body needs testosterone. And then this gland sends this information to our testicles. In our testicles, most of the testosterone is produced. But at the same time smaller amount produced in adrenal glands, this is located above our kidneys.

    However, in women, the small amount of testosterone comes from the ovaries and adrenal glands.

    Testosterone begins to form male genitals even before a boy born. At the duration of puberty, this testosterone is accountable for male attribute development as a deeper voice, body hair and beard. In fact, testosterone also promotes the sex drive and muscle mass.

    Endocrine System

  3. Better libido

    The level of testosterone naturally gets rise as a response to sexual activity and arousal. Greater sexual activity is a result of higher testosterone levels. Thus for erectile function and libido older men’s needs more amounts of testosterone. Rather than low levels of testosterone is not a reason for erectile dysfunction, it leads to medication or other conditions.

    There are studies that show that for.your sexual performance and health, testosterone therapy works well. It is also researched that when there is no increased response there is the highest level of testosterone. But sometimes increasing levels of testosterone may not be beneficial for libido if a man doesn’t have hypogonadism.

    Better libido

  4. Circulatory System

    In the bloodstream, the testosterone travels around your body. By only having measures you can know about levels of testosterone. So blood tests are a common requirement for this.

    To produce red blood cells the testosterone spurs your bone marrow, there are studies which suggested that there are positive effects on your heart through testosterone. But also there are studies showing the effects of testosterone on blood pressure, cholesterol and ability of clot-busting. When we linked testosterone therapy with heart some recent researches have conflicting results.

    Circulatory System

  5. Skin and Hair

    As a male you have to face a transition from your childhood to adulthood, in this process testosterone hormone spurs the hair growth in the armpits, on the face and around genitals. And hair growth can be seen on legs, chest and arms.

    A man starts losing hair because of shrinking levels of testosterone. There are some side effects of testosterone replacement therapy which includes breast enlargement and acne. Patches of testosterone may cause you minor irritation on the skin. It is easier to use topical gels, however, it needs great care to avoid the Testosterone transfer with someone else through the contact of skin to skin.

  6. Muscle, Fat, and Bone

    In development strength and muscle, bulk testosterone is one of the most involved factors for many others. To encourage tissue growth the testosterone increases your neurotransmitters. In fact with nuclear receptors found in DND it also interacts, this causes protein synthesis. Also, testosterone helps to increase growth hormone levels. Through this, your exercise will more likely build muscles.

    Testosterone tells your bone marrow to produce red blood cells and increase bone density. Men have to suffer from breaks and fractures if their testosterone levels are low.

    Muscle, Fat, and Bone

  7. Sexuality

    In the duration of puberty, increasing testosterone levels encourage the growth of pubic hair, penis and testicles. Your voice will deepen and body and hair and muscle will grow. Along with these all changes in your body the sexual desires also grow.

    Use it or lose it, this is a little bit true because a man who has testosterone levels low he will lose desires of sex. Sexual activity and sexual stimulation results raise my level of testosterone. When there is a long period of sexual inactivity the level of testosterone drops and erectile dysfunction is one of the results of low testosterone levels.

  8. Improved mood

    Lower levels of testosterone lead to poor life quality. The symptoms of lower testosterone levels are fatigue, irritability, and depression. But there are results of such studies that show that these all affect only men who have hypogonadism. There is no rise in depression if the male body follows a normal drop of levels of testosterone.

    The effects vary when you take testosterone replacement therapy. Men who have hypogonadism researched that they have well been, improved mood and reduce their irritability and fatigue. Some research also suggested that testosterone treatment is an effective treatment for antidepressants.

    Improved mood

  9. Stronger bones

    In the density of bone minerals, testosterone plays a huge role. As testosterone levels and menage drops the bone density decreases. This leads to a high risk of osteoporosis and weaker bones. To support your internal organs and muscles strong bones are necessary. Also, it will boost your athletic performance.

    Researchers suggest that there is a rise in bone density with the treatment of testosterone. Clinical trials show that the effect of testosterone increases on the bone destiny in the spinal and hips. Another study on females shows that mineral bone density increases when females transition into males. But there is no source that suggests that testosterone can reduce fracture risks.

    Stronger bones

  10. Reproductive System

    After conception about seven weeks, the levels of testosterone start helping to form the genitals of a man. During puberty as the levels of testosterone production surges the penis and testicles grow. To make a fresh sperm supply each day the testicles produce a steady stream of the hormone called testosterone.

    Men with lower levels of testosterone may have to suffer from erectile dysfunction. In fact, there is a decrease in the production of sperm because of long term therapy of testosterone replacement. This therapy also leads to smaller, softer testicles and enlarged prostate. If a man has breast cancer of the prostate he shouldn’t consider taking testosterone therapy.

    Reproductive System

The final words

In this article, there are all the effects of testosterone on men’s bodies. If you have lower levels of testosterone you can go for therapy. The therapy of testosterone delivered to you by intramuscular injection can result in the rise of blood cell counts. There are many side effects of testosterone theory which includes increased red cell count, fluid retention and changes in cholesterol.

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