Lipozene Review: Does This Really Make You Lose Weight?

This Lipozene review is all about the weight loss supplement. Here I have added my own research work that I did before starting with the consumption of Lipozene.

Also, I have added my own experiences and consumption results in this Lipozene review. Hence, if you are someone who is looking to shed that extra weight, then you should definitely give this one a read.

This was really tough for me, but I wanted to share my journey so that it might help you get through the situation that I faced in my life.

What is Lipozene?

lipozene reviewIf we go by the claims of the makers of Lipozene, it is the most effective weight loss supplement that you could find in the market.

There are 100s of supplements in the market intended for weight loss along with these there are several exercise routines and programs as well.

So what makes Lipozene different from any other product? If you skim through the content on the Lipozene website there are several claims about how Lipozene might not require any lifestyle changes.

All in all, you might not set aside any food choice and could still get the body of your dreams.

The makers of Lipozene also claim that there are no stimulants, no GMO, no Gluten, and also the product is caffeine-free.

All these could be said to be reasons for such extended reach of Lipozene. For if we go by stats provided on the website of Lipozene, they have sold over 35 million bottles.

The essence of the product could be the completely natural base of the supplement. All ingredients in Lipozene are essentially natural and claimed to be effective by several studies performed over the ingredients of the Lipozene.

How does Lipozene work?

Lipozene contains a good amount of glucomannan which is an extract from the Konjac root, Glucomannan is a naturally extracted super-fiber and it has the ability to expand close to 200 times in your stomach when it gets in contact with water.

This could mean a feeling of fullness for long hours and thus it might restrict the consumption of calories in your body.

This means there won’t be any requirement of stimulants and you could lose the weight in a natural way without any possibility of harm.

Lipozene could also turn out to be of great assistance to your gut health and is known to affect wealth by instilling good bacteria in your gut and this is surely a needed addition to the efficacy of Lipozene.

These are the scientific backing that the makers put forward when you wish to understand the working of Lipozene and theoretically the content could be effective although there is a wide-ranging variation between real and theoretical results.

When I came to know about all this stuff, I really felt that this is one of the best appetite suppressants and would definitely help me reduce my weight.

Ingredients of Lipozene

It is good to understand the weight loss technique employed by the product you are using and it is essential to know the ingredients of the product for this could help you understand if the ingredients justify the claimed working tactics.

Also it prepares you for any chance of side effect or allergy which the ingredients might cause for the saying precaution is better than cure never turns cliché.

Thus here is a list of ingredients you find in Lipozene

There is only one active ingredient that you find in Lipozene and that is Glucomannan extract from Konjac root and this is used as a laxative that is aimed to provide several benefits like reduction of fat consumption in body. It is also essential and have a good efficacy when dealing with cholesterol.

Against Konjac plant there are also several inactive ingredients that you find in each capsule of Lipozene. Here is a list of these inactive ingredients and the purpose they might intent to serve.

The only occurrence of gelatine in Lipozene could be to aid the mass of the product for no other benefit of gelatine is in relation with the usage of Lipozene

It too seems of no purpose when it comes to fat loss for there is no proved evidence to support effect of Magnesium silicate on body fat.

My personal Experience with Lipozene

I have always been curvy and my body shape was fine by me and never really caused any trouble rather than a few cross-eyes.

I could have lived with it happily and proudly without any complain but issues started when I left college and got my first job with an IT firm.

I was under work stress and regularly overworked my success. There was no work-life balance and this brought along an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. I rarely found time to exercise and there was enough junk in my diet.

When my body weight started to cause trouble even in regular physical activities I decided that this was it now I need to do something to tackle it and thus I ordered Lipozene on the advice of a friend.

This is where I went wrong as I had ordered the product without sufficient research and on a single person’s advice. I started with the product and continued with it for close to two months without any benefits.

They said I need not do any additional catalyzing attempt but I did that as well but still the results I got were nowhere close to something which could be called good and I feel I wasted almost two months and a solid amount of money on this product but availed nothing from it at any level.

Probable Side effects of Lipozene

There were several ill effects I faced during my course with this product and I could say I would have taken no results as something tolerable but the side effects made me hate this product beyond the limit.

I had random phases of constipation followed by diarrhea and then it got back in a repeated cycle one after another. I also felt extremely hungry once the effect of glucomannan subsided and thus I ended up feeling hungry at odd hours which turned out to be a massive trouble.

This was all fine but the real trouble was when I almost choked at the Lipozene tablet when it got stuck near my esophagus and I had to rush to a doctor. This was when I decided to throw the remaining tablets and never to use this thing ever again.

Alternative for Lipozene

After wasting 2 months, a good amount of money, and almost choking to death I had gained nothing. The belly was still there and after the efforts, I had made it felt even more worrisome and I needed an alternative for it.

This was when I ordered Powher Fat Burner after having a good talk with my physician and with a hope that I would get something of use this time.

I also made sure that I am following a proper exercise routine. I also made sure that I am following the proper diet plans.

Thankfully that is exactly what happened and Powher Fat burner gave every claimed result within the first month.

I have used it for 3 months now and I lost almost 22 Kgs in this period and that too without anything going anti to what was expected.

No side effects or allergies, and now I know the product worked really well for me and I am sure of using it till I get the final result that I need.

Final thoughts

If I really had a word that could define waste, harmful, ineffective, and a few other such words together as one I might have used it for Lipozene.

The mixture was supposed to be of great efficacy theoretically but it was nowhere close to that in any manner.

I found it to be a complete failure in every aspect and at least I never expected to choke on a dietary supplement. I am sure of never giving it another try ever in my life.

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