Male Extra Review: My Consumption Results Revealed!

If you are looking for an authentic Male Extra review then you need to read this one until the very end. I have discussed my own journey with Male Extra.

I have personally used Male Extra for over 5 months on a regular basis. Hence, this Male Extra review will provide you an insightful overview of the same.

I will also try to tell you some basics about this product like what is Male Extra? How does Male Extra work? What are the ingredients used in Male Extra?

Having said that let’s get started with this Male Extra Review.

What is Male Extra?

male extra review latest updateMale Extra is marketed as a completely natural and unique enhancement pill that aims at providing you with better, stronger, and longer erections. 

Thousands of men have used Male Extra to enhance their sexual performance naturally. At the same time, men suffering from erectile dysfunction have also given this one a try and most of them got positive results.

It aims at improving the sexual performance of men and providing them with better and stronger erections. 

The manufacturers of Male Extra claim that they have come up with a very unique and well-researched formula that might help you get better orgasms and it might even improve your sexual stamina. 

The manufacturers also claim that the ingredients used in Male Extra are backed by several scientific studies to be effective in improving your sexual life.

Ingredients used in Male Extra

The manufacturers claim that they have carefully chosen each and every ingredient used in Male Extra and most of them are backed by scientific studies for being effective. 

At the same time, they mention that out of 7 ingredients used in their product, 5 of them are unique i.e you would not find them in any other product available in the market.

Ellagic Acid is said to be a polyphenol antioxidant which is commonly found in fruits and vegetables especially pomegranate. It has been a part of several research studies to study its effectiveness.

It has been indicated that Pomegranate Ellagic Acid might increase the amount of blood flowing to your genitals which might improve your sexual performance and can also increase the duration of your erections. 

L-Arginine is probably one of the most used ingredients in the performance enhancement industry because of its numerous benefits. It is believed to help men suffering from sexual dysfunctions. 

It is believed that L-Arginine HCL might increase the production of nitric oxide in your body which further might increase the flow of blood to your penis resulting in harder and stronger erections. 

Cordyceps has been used by the native Chinese tribes for thousands of years now because they are believed to be potential aphrodisiacs. It is believed that when consumed, this fungi can increase sex drive.

Cordyceps has also been part of several scientific studies that have indicated that there are some chemicals present in the compound which can positively affect that area of your brain responsible for controlling sexual desires. 

Zinc is an essential mineral which is extremely important for the proper functioning of your body because it is believed to be involved in hundreds of biological processes including testosterone production. 

It is believed that low levels of testosterone usually have a bad impact on your erections and libido and zinc deficiency can be a major reason for this. This might be the reason why male Extra contains Zinc. 

Niacin is also known as Vitamin B3 and several scientific studies have indicated that regular use of Niacin might help in improving the quality of your erections and it might also improve your longevity. 

Niacin is believed to relax and expand the blood vessels present in your genitals which might increase the flow of blood. This might help you attain better erections and powerful orgasms.

MSM or Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is an organic form of sulphur. Sulphur is important for the proper functioning of your body because it helps in blood flow and maintains the health of your tissues and cell. 

If you suffer from MSM deficiency, your cells might become weak over time and your body would not be able to replace these cells with new and healthy ones.

L-Methionine is said to be an essential amino acid and it is believed to inhibit the conversion of histidine into the hormone histamine which is said to play an essential role during orgasms. 

It is believed that if your body has high levels of histamine, you would ejaculate earlier. This is why a lot of people who suffer from premature ejaculation often have high levels of histamine.

How Male Extra work?

In order to work its magic, Male Extra is reliant on a powerful combination of carefully chosen ingredients that might work in sync with each other to provide you with a plethora of sexual benefits. 

These ingredients might increase the size of your erections, might make it harder, and might increase your sexual stamina to new heights. 

The manufacturers claim that Male Extra manages to do all these by increasing the levels of nitric oxide in your body. 

Now, nitric oxide is said to work as a vasodilator which means that it might widen the blood vessels present in your penis allowing an increased flow of blood and oxygen to your penile area. 

Thus with an increased blood flow, you may get stronger and harder erections that could last for longer durations of time. 

Increased blood flow may also allow oxygen and nutrients to be delivered rapidly to your cells that delay the onset of fatigue during sexual and physical activities. This might improve your sexual stamina as well. 

Other ingredients like L-Methionine also inhibit the production of histamine which might be effective in preventing premature ejaculation and might increase your sexual stamina. 

Male Extra’s manufacturing formula also boasts of zinc which might increase the production of testosterone in your body that might further help with several sexual dysfunctions. 

Following is the concise working process of Male Extra as per the official website. 

Step 1: Whenever you get an erection, the tissues present in your penis are filled with blood. The strength and intensity of erection are proportional to the amount of blood stored in these tissues. 

Step 2: Male Extra might help in expanding the blood vessels present in your penis which might lead to increased blood flow resulting in harder and stronger erections. 

My Personal Experience with Male Extra

Whenever I look back in time and see myself about 10 years back, I see myself young and cheerful and full of energy. 

I was always famous amongst girls because I had a great physique back then and I was also the captain of my college’s football team. 

Because of this, I used to have a really happening sexual life and I don’t think there was a single week when I did not get myself involved in some kind of guilty pleasures. 

But time passed and soon I landed myself a dream job with a great pay package. But I had to put in long hours at work and there was a lot of pressure from the management all the time. 

Soon, I started smoking cigarettes to help me ease the stress off my shoulders and soon I was a heavy smoker. 

A couple of years later, I not only was a heavy smoker but I used to drink a lot as well. Now not only these habits had a drastic impact on my appearance, but they also affected my sexual health pretty bad. 

I used to have great difficulties in getting an erection and even if I got one, maintaining it was a humongous challenge in itself. 

My sexual stamina was almost non-existent and I used to get over with the sexual interocurse in just a minute or two. 

All these changes had shattered my confidence completely and this is when I decided to have a small chat with my manager because somewhere I knew, he must have gone through the situation I was currently stuck in. 

My manager understood my situation and told me that there was a stage in his life, when he was in the same situation. 

He recommended me to try Male Extra to reignite the sexual passion in my life once again. 

When I came back home that day, I immediately started reading about Male Extra and after reading enough, I decided to place an order for the same. 

Soon the courier boy arrived with my package and I started using it from the next day onwards. 

The first couple of days were pretty normal and I couldn’t notice any differences at all. However, things changed a bit from the third day. 

While watching a steamy scene in a movie, I started getting an erection. I wasn’t sure of what was happening but I thought that this was because of Male Extra. 

Slowly and gradually, my condition started to improve. Now, I used to feel more energetic throughout the day that allowed me to hit the gym and get back in shape. 

This also helped me boost my confidence and I found my way back amongst girls.

Overall, I really thank my manager for recommending Male Extra to me because ever since I started using this product, I was able to change my life completely. 

Benefits of Male Extra

The consumption of Male Extra had the following visible effects on my body:

  1. It provided me with bigger and harder erections that used to remain that way for longer durations of time.
  2. The consumption of Male Extra allowed my orgasms to be much more intense which made sexual intercourse extremely pleasurable for me.
  3. Regular consumption of this product also boosted my sex drive.
  4. Male Extra also increased my sexual stamina which definitely benefited my partners.
  5. I was a confident man who really believed in his capabilities.

How did I use Male Extra?

I had never used any enhancement product before in my life which is why I was a bit skeptical prior to its use. 

This is why I decided to have a chat with my manager.

I started following the official dosage schedule as mentioned on the packaging of this product. At the same time, I took some pointers from my manager.

I used to consume three tablets of Male Extra every day, one with each meal.

Side Effects

I have been using Male Extra for over 7 months now and I feel glad to say that till date, I have experienced no negative effects on my body. 

However, it is important to note that I always followed the dosage schedule as it was mentioned on the packaging and never exceeded the daily recommended amount. 

I was not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the product either. 

Final Thoughts On Male Extra Usage

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the effects Male Extra had on my body. After using it continuously for over 7 months, I witnessed some great benefits. 

Not only that, Male Extra did not have any negative effect on my body and the benefits were simply amazing. 

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