Top 10 Testosterone Booster Exercises To Raise Your T-Levels

Are you looking for Testosterone booster exercises ? This article comprises of an extensive research on such workouts only. Testosterone is commonly known as a male sex hormone. It can be found in every person who has penises. But the level of testosterone may not be same in everyone.

Our adrenal glands are also products of a small amount of testosterone. But in both genders, testosterone is produced by different part in different amounts.

Working out also is a way to boost your testosterone levels but not all the exercises are useful for this.

Furthermore, if you are looking for increasing testosterone levels you should also try some exercise programs with your diet.

For more details keep reading this article here you will find top 10 exercises to boost testosterone levels, they will naturally boost your testosterone levels.

As I mentioned above, not all the exercises affect the T levels. So let’s take a look at the best 10 Exercises To Boost Testosterone levels. In all these exercises you don’t need to take any supplement.

10 Best Testosterone Boosting Exercises To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

  1. Muscle-ups

    In all the upper body exercises muscle-ups are the king. It is a combination of dips with pull-ups in a neuromuscular movement which stimulates your endocrine system as well as the production of testosterone. A testosterone expert and author Christopher Walker have indicated a dynamic testosterone level increase in a large part with muscle-ups. As we all know it is not so easy to exercise but it is worth testosterone enhancing and gaining neuromuscular benefits.


  2. Sprints

    Sprints are just a perfect option. If you grew up in a surrounding where you have seen other wild things then sprinting is best for our DNA and order benefits.

    The study research has proven that intense and short sprints result in increased levels of human growth hormone if you do it for 60 minutes past your workout. If you are the one who has a really short time for exercise then sprints will definitely work for you. With five sets of sprints, you can achieve The effects of testosterone boosting. This effect will last for six seconds only. For the full effects, you have to give everything to it.


  3. Resistance training

    For increasing short and long term testosterone levels resistance training is effectively proven by research. Resistance training such as weightlifting is the ideal exercise for testosterone boosting for the long and short term. And for people who suffer from penises, these kinds of exercise are especially useful.

    A study of 2007 indicates that people who have penises and do resistance training for 3 days in a week continuously for 4 weeks have experienced an increase in testosterone levels right after overtime and workout. But these effects are not similar for every person. It is shown in older research that a single session of weight lifting increases testosterone levels by 21.6 per cent in men and 16.7 per cent in women.

    Resistance training

  4. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

    Another best exercise for people who are suffering from penises is HIIT to boost their testosterone levels. But it is only for people who have penises.

    A study on men showed that 90 seconds in interval training which consists of treadmill running with a recovery period of 90 seconds boosted the free levels of testosterone more significantly as compared to simply running for straight 45 minutes. This link is also supported by other studies also.

    A study in 2013 suggested that taking Testosterone boosting supplements of DHEA along with 5 sessions of up to 2 minutes in cycling exercises increase testosterone levels in older and younger men. Also, a 2014 study research showed that HIIT is also effective for increasing testosterone levels in men.

    High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

  5. Squats

    Squats are sometimes known as the king of all exercises. This exercise is a compound move in which you should use your whole body for projecting your weight in an upward direction. You will not feel more primal in other exercises except the deadlift.

    A study taken by the University of Texas showed that performing squats will stimulate more growth of hormones and testosterone as compared to a session of leg press. However, on the leg press, all the participants lifted more weight and their exhaustion was higher up to 42 per cent after taking squats. So should I skip leg day? Well for ultimate boost in testosterone grab a strap and rack in for little pain


  6. clean and press

    The main thing to boost testosterone levels is to recruit a large number of muscles as possible at the time of exercises. But bicep curls like isolation moves are not so effective for gaining muscle. You need complex moves which will work on lots of muscle groups if you really want to gain your manpower.

    In a single move, the clean and press exercise hits your legs, forearms, core, arms, shoulders and back. Although, this exercise contains advanced techniques. If you are a beginner then you should start with basic squats, deadlift then go for this.

    clean and press

  7. Deadlift

    It is a classic exercise which is multi joined. It works in your body’s biggest muscle groups. The deadlift is perfect to boost testosterone levels. Research of The Journal of Strength of Conditioning noticed a significant increase in testosterone levels in men of college-age after performing a heavy exercise of deadlifts.

    There are too many variations in deadlifts most of them are designed to target your certain muscle groups more effectively. But in the beginning, it is best to look for the common-or-garden standard type of deadlift to recruit your muscles everywhere from the body. As a bonus, you will also get massive forearms, legs and backs through this exercise.


  8. military press

    At a first session, the military press only works on arms and shoulders also leaving the rest of the body untouched. But it is not as easy as you think, to keep your body stable and upright in this type of critical position which is unbalanced also your obliques, core and lower back are working at this time. Especially at the time when you are working slowly reps.

    It doesn’t look like it but in this exercise, you are recruiting your muscles from everywhere. Thus it is an ideal testosterone fodder

    military press

  9. Pull-up

    Looking for a best upper body move in your list? If yes then get ready for old school callisthenics. The best part about pull-ups is that you can perform it anywhere with only an overhead bar. You just need to set it on your doorframe of your where and whenever you are feeling low just crank out a set.

    A study at The University of Western Australia reported that me. With high levels of testosterone, he has 3 times more ability to suffer from depression. So at the final rep, you should have a smile on your face.


  10. Weightlifting

    The research suggested that the best form of exercise to boost testosterone levels is weight lifting said by dr jack. Because as the muscle mass rises it will naturally trigger your body to produce testosterone.

    He also suggests that at 95 percent of your all maximum efforts when you perform 2 sets of 3 to 5 reps with targeting the larger groups of muscles like the quadriceps, back and chest, hamstring. However, you should not ignore the smaller groups of muscles as the biceps, shoulders and calves. This strengthening of your entire body helps to speed up your metabolism and prevent injury. If you just begin weightlifting then you should hire a personal trainer for a minimum one session, he will show you the ropes so that you can avoid injury.


Keep in mind

Having high T levels is not good for all people because it can be harmful to people with vulvas. This can cause balding, normal hair growth and acne. Some of the exercises which increase T levels have opposite effects on some people. Such as HIIT for people who have vulvas. Because it can reduce T levels.

The final words

These all are some of the exercises to help you in increasing testosterone levels. You can also add testosterone booster foods such as tuna, oyster, olive oil and green veggies etc in your diet for increased boost.

But keep in mind that high testosterone levels are also harmful to your health especially to the people who have vulvas.

So before taking any actions, you should talk to your doctor to know your baseline testosterone levels.

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