TruVision Review: Is It Really A Scam? Or It Works!

If you are looking for an authentic TruVision review then you have landed on the right page. 

It is because I will only try to provide you with some basic details, I will also be sharing my personal consumption story with TruVision. 

I will try to answer some questions like What is TruVision? Is it effective? Did I experience any side effects? 

Hence, you might want to read this TruVision review till the very end, because it might help you clear your doubts about TruVision. 

So without any further adieu, allow me to start with some basics.

What is TruVision?

truvisionTruVision is a diet supplement that claims to be effective in helping you lose a lot of weight, reduce your cravings for food, and boost your metabolism. 

However, TruVision is a bit different from most of the other diet supplements available in the market currently because unlike those diet supplements, TruVision is a combination of two different products that work in sync with each other in the hope of providing its users with a lot of potential health benefits. 

The manufacturers of TruVision claim that their product “can restore your body’s chemistry which would maintain your body’s equilibrium. 

TruVision is a product of the TruVision Health LLC supplements company which is based out of Draper, Utah. It is known for producing weight loss supplements of high quality.

FDA also issues some statements regarding TruVision.

What does TruVision consist of?

TruVision comprises two different diet supplements namely: TruFix and TruControl. Both these supplements have been designed in such a way that they complete each other. 

The official website claims that together these supplements would ensure that not only are you losing a lot of weight, but your energy levels are elevated and you have much better blood chemistry which might ensure your overall good health. 

Let us discuss them individually. 

TruFix is said to be a weight loss supplement that can also improve or boost your blood chemistry which also happens to be the founding principle of TruFix. 

The manufacturing formula of TruFix comprises all-natural yet extremely powerful ingredients that are known to improve your blood chemistry. 

These ingredients have been picked very carefully and they are used in an appropriate amount so that they do not become toxic for your body. 

TruFix is available in two different options namely tablets and powder. 

You can either simply pop the tablets and gulp them down with some water or you can dissolve the powder in some water to make yourself a delicious beverage without any sugar.

TruControl is also said to be a supplement that can aid in your weight loss goals. It can have a potential beneficial impact on your body’s Metabolic Rate as well as its natural energy levels. 

The manufacturers claim that this supplement would provide you with a slight edge which will help you in achieving your weight loss dreams. 

Just like TruFix, TruControl is also available in both Capsule and Powder form. You can either take the capsules directly or you can opt for the powder which can be used to make a delicious yet extremely healthy beverage.

Ingredients used in TruVision

It is extremely important to know about the ingredients used in the supplement you are planning to use personally.

It is so because you get a rough idea of how that supplement works and you can also get an idea if there is an ingredient being used in that supplement which you are allergic to. 

As I have already told you, TruVision comprises two different supplements. I will be discussing both of them individually. 

Vitamin B6 or also called Pyridoxine is a vitamin soluble in water which is required by your body for a variety of functions. 

It is used for the metabolism of Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates in your body and also helps in the formation of Red Blood Cells and Neurotransmitters. 

Iron is one of the most abundant minerals in your body and rightly so because it is known to be vital for the proper functioning of your body and it is involved in numerous chemical processes. 

One of the major reasons why Iron might be included in TruControl might be because of the fact that it helps in the transportation of oxygen to all the cells present in your body and also to your muscle groups. 

Apart from the ingredients mentioned above, TruControl pills also make use of a proprietary blend which has numerous ingredients. Some of the most important ones in the blend are. 

  • Green Tea Leaf Extracts
  •  Green Coffee Bean Extracts
  • Black Pepper Extracts

Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid is an essential vitamin because your body cannot produce it on its own. 

It can reduce the risk of you suffering from chronic diseases, and can also help in managing your body’s blood pressure levels. 

Vitamin B6 is definitely one of the most essential Vitamins required for your body because they help in breaking down your food and releasing energy for your body to work. 

You should definitely consume Vitamin B6 because they are essential for maintaining a healthy body and a healthier brain. 

Calcium is a very essential nutrient for your body and it is known to be involved in a lot of body functions such as circulation of blood, movement of muscles, and release of hormones. 

It is also known to play an essential role in carrying messages from your brain to various different parts of your body. 

Magnesium is one of those essential ingredients which should definitely be in your diet if you want to remain healthy. It is the fourth most present mineral in your body. 

Every cell in your body requires magnesium to function and it is a part of hundreds of biochemical actions.

Caffeine is hands down one of the most popular ingredients in the supplement industry partly because of the numerous benefits associated with it. 

One of the most notable benefits of Caffeine is that it can improve your body’s metabolic rate which can further increase the amount of fat your body burns naturally.

Just like TruControl pills, TruControl in its powder form also contains a proprietary blend which consists of nearly the same elements mentioned before. 

How did I use TruVision?

I decided to consume TruVision in the capsule form. However, I had never used TruVision before and there were two different products to be consumed because of which I was a bit nervous prior to its consumption. 

I decided to have a chat with my doctor about the same. My doctor asked me about my allergies and medical history and gave me a green light afterward. 

I followed the official dosage as it was mentioned on the packaging of the product. 

I used to take one capsule of TruControl with a capsule of TruFix twice a day. 

The first dose was taken by me before I had my breakfast and the second dose was consumed in the afternoon. 

I also supplemented the use of TruVision with a rigorous exercise routine and a well-balanced diet to experience maximum gains.

My personal experience

I started the consumption of TruVision when I was significantly overweight about 9 months back. 

Due to the constant workload at my office, I was finding it difficult to hit the gym because my body simply didn’t allow me to do so.

After working the entire day at my workplace, I used to be extremely exhausted. This is why the moment I entered my home, I used to crash on my bed and stayed there till the next day.

As a result of this, my daily calorie intake was significantly higher than the number of calories I was burning every day.

I knew that I had to do something about it. This is when I decided to take some help from weight loss supplements. 

I started my research on the same and this is when I came to know about TruVision. I started reading more about this product and consulted a few experts regarding the same.

They all said that I should not be having any troubles with the consumption of TruVision and this is when I decided to start its consumption.

I soon placed my order for the same and it took a week before the delivery boy came to my doorstep with the product I had ordered.

The next day I started its consumption. The first and the second week soon passed by and I did not notice any difference.

However, I still had the belief that it would work for me sooner than later which is why I continued with the consumption of TruVision. 

The first month soon passed by and the second month soon followed. However, TruVision was still not having any positive effects on my body. 

However, I still continued using TruVision in the hope that a day would finally come when I would feel a difference. But even after waiting for 5 continuous months, TruVision refused to work on my body. 

I felt extremely disheartened at that time because not only had I wasted my money on TruVision but I had also wasted a lot of time. 

Side Effects

I have used TruVision for more than 5 months on a regular basis and during this time, there was not even a single day when I experienced any negative effects.

Truvision For Sale

I ordered TruVision from its official website because it reduces the chance of me receiving a fake or an adulterated product. 

Alternative For Truvision

Personally speaking, I was really disappointed that TruVision did not work for me. This is when I read about the FDA advisory about this one and I felt like I was cheated.

Nevertheless, I consulted a nutritionist, and she mentioned that I should start following a strict eating schedule according to her recommendation.

At the same time, she also recommended me PhenQ which worked for me really well. Post doing all this, I also started with the gym session of about 3 days a week.

All these combined efforts really made me believe that I would be able to lose that weight.

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